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Mark Smithers Landscaping is proud to offer a wide range of home and garden related services on a one-off, as-needed or regular/contracted basis. Please see below for a brief explanation of the main garden, light construction and landscaping services we provide. Keep in mind, though, that we pride ourselves on being a full service operation! If you don’t see a particular service listed, please contact us and ask – we can almost certainly accommodate your needs.


Mark Smithers Landscaping offers a wide range of post and panel, featheredge and other fencing types, with or without concrete posts or gravel boards.   

We find that the right fencing can be a crucial part of any garden design project. Not only does it put the perfect ‘finishing touch’ on the look and feel of your garden, it can add a great deal of privacy, safety and security without detracting from the appeal of the space, especially if you select a sturdy, tall design.

Paving, patios and driveways

Our landscapers are experts in using materials like precast concrete, natural stone slabs and modern driveway blocks to create beautiful, easy access and low maintenance outdoor spaces of all kinds.

The right paving can really bring a garden together. We can help you choose the right materials and styles to synergise with the existing environment and structures even when giving you the advantage of modern, low maintenance materials and layout designs.

Not sure what paving options would best suit your home? We’d love to offer our advice.


Adding or expanding a decked area is a great way to provide a structured, orderly space in a city garden without the expense or maintenance issues of paving. Perhaps more importantly, though, natural wood decking can form a conceptual bridge between the home and the garden, bringing all the order of a living space with the feel of genuine nature.

Mark Smithers Landscaping offers a range of softwood, hardwood or ultra-low maintenance composite decking materials, and we’d be happy to help you choose the one that is perfect for you home and garden.

Small building works and Brickwork services

We are also proud to offer a range of light building services. We can do just about anything from building an entirely new outbuilding to putting in a classic stone garden wall.

Often times a garden or landscaping project will require a bit of building or building renovation to really bring the space together. Whether you need something as prosaic as a garden shed or as glamorous as an outdoor dining and entertainment area, Mark Smithers Landscaping can do the job!

Irrigation systems

It can be difficult to look after the irrigation needs of even a modern, low maintenance garden – especially with the summers we’ve been getting recently. The solution is to install a modern, automatic irrigation system which will see to your lawn and garden’s water needs without your intervention.

Not only will a modern irrigation system save you a great deal of time and effort – making the time you spend in your garden ‘proper’ leisure time – it can do wonders for the health of your plants. We guarantee you’ll see the difference!

Tree surgery

There are plenty of reasons why a tree or shrub might need pruning, topping or cutting back. Plants left to get too large can threaten your foundations, interfere with power lines and become serious maintenance problems. Dying or diseased trees might even spread problems to other nearby trees.

Mark Smithers Landscaping Services can perform just about every tree and shrub maintenance task you could ask for, and can do whatever it takes to keep your garden looking beautiful all year round.


Our expert gardeners and landscapers can completely change the look and feel of an outdoor space by carefully selecting and planting trees, shrubs, hedges and flowering plants that not only thrive in London’s climate, but complement the existing colour, texture and seasonal personality of any garden or outdoor space. We can even add those decorative ‘finishing touches’ which turn a garden into the kind of place in which you want to spend your time.


Garden construction

Mark Smithers Landscaping offers a full range of light construction and renovation services. We can put up anything from a simple tool shed to the kind of fully enclosed, powered and well-lit addition that is practically a new room to your home.

We can put in a small patio and a breakfast set, or create an entirely new space incorporating raised flower beds, privacy fencing and delicate lighting features. Just tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll make it a reality for you.

Ponds and water features

Nothing changes the mood of an outdoor space like a gently flowing waterfall, a tranquil pond full of ornamental carp or even a stream running under an ornamental bridge. We can install and maintain virtually any kind of water feature, and truly transform your garden!

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