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Garden Designers

As a garden designers we are dedicated to providing you with the kind of elegant, finished yet organic and natural outdoor spaces that you need to extend your effective living space, add value to your property, and perhaps most importantly add real value to the lives of you and your family.

As you peruse the gallery below, we’d like you to consider what kind of patio, drive, landscaping, garden, shed or water feature improvements would fit the space and character of your home, office or rental property so that our garden designers could turn that vision into reality, and how having the work professionally delivered and maintained could change the way you live your life for the better.

 Garden Designing and  Landscaping

 With living space at such a premium in London, it seems a shame to have land that you can’t really use! As you can see above, even a tiny urban garden can be turned  into a cosy, modern living space which could change the way you live and entertain.

 Drives, Walks and  Paved Areas

 In the same way, a new drive, a renovated stairway, a garden walk or a patio can bring new life into any area, public facing or private. We can even offer a range of low-maintenance and weed-free paving options which will look great for years –or decades – to come.

 Fencing and Privacy  Measures

 They say good fences make for good neighbours. We can definitely say that new, sturdy and elegant walls, fencing, hedging and other privacy measures can make even a tiny outdoor area a usable part of your home!


 A new deck can utterly change the character of a home, add a crucial social space to an office or place of business, and add tremendously to the value of a rental property. Whether you need a de-facto smoking/vaping lounge for the office, a place to entertain guests or a quiet outdoor breakfast nook, we can deliver the deck of your dreams.